What's pict?

Pict is a community of designers, artists and creatives who share their pretty/cool/interesting pictures.

Why'd you make this?

Do you sometimes need a little inspiration for your creative juices to kick in? Do you tend to save cool things you've found but then forget all about them? Romeo, meet Juliet. Pict is my answer to both of those: why not put everything in one place AND get to see what cool stuff others found?

Cool, so can I join?

No, this is a secret club for cool kids only. Just kidding, everyone is welcome on pict!

Wait, what should I post now?

Anything you think is cool.

Really? Anything...?

Weeell... Let's put it this way: anything you'd feel comfortable browsing next to grandma.

Fine. So who do I complain to?

Olivier Breton